A Winter Elopement in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Elopement Photographer

This time last year, I was capturing Christina and Carson’s adventure elopement. I captured wedding photos of them saying their vows, in the most picturesque place, with a few guests, and their pups. It was a chilly and windy day in Boulder, not an unusual January occurrence, but a bluebird day nonetheless which produced amazing photos.

Christina and Carson wanted something laid back and simple but captured in the place they call home, a favorite place for them. Christina’s words to me were, “As long as none of the dogs poop on my dress, I’ll be pretty happy.” 😉

Pairing fur with a dress is always a good idea in Colorado, especially in the winter. As a Boulder elopement photographer, I loved the simple yet elegant look Christina went for on her wedding day.

Despite the fact that it was just the two of them plus a few of their friends celebrating with them after we hiked into where the ceremony would be held, C+C both changed separately and snuck off with us to a private curve on the trail, where they saw each other in their wedding day attire for the first time.

Colorado Elopement Photographer

Planning for a winter Boulder elopement? Tip: Nobody can even see (or cares for that matter) your shoes in multiple inches of snow so aim for comfy and warm.

Would it really be a Boulder elopement if the dogs weren’t there? As a wedding photographer, I LOVE photographing pups with their pawents. It often lightens the mood and reminds you to not take yourself too seriously and enjoy the moment.

Learn More About Our Process

As a Colorado elopement photographer specializing in film photography, it is super fun experimenting with double exposures, especially in unique and awe-inspiring outdoor locations where our couples elope. Interested in learning more about what it means to hire a film photographer for your adventure elopement? Contact us to learn more about our process and how we approach photographing elopements and intimate weddings.

What a backdrop to say “I do” in front of, right?

Why Choose Boulder For Your Elopement

Boulder is a great place for an elopement or intimate wedding for a few reasons.

1. As of now, only one permit is needed and that’s for your elopement photographer and/or videographer. Actually eloping in Boulder (Boulder open space trails) does not require a reservation or permit. So unlike Rocky Mountain National Park, it’s a bit easier to navigate and you have more choices on your wedding day.

2. Many of the trails stay open year-round. You may need snow shoes or spikes for some of those trails, but snow or shine, you can access many of them, with the right gear and attitude.

3. Mountain views without the drive into Summit County or further. This is a big perk if you’re based in Denver or Boulder.

Hot chocolate for everyone to celebrate the newlyweds. Cheers to C+C!

Create Memories on Your Elopement Day

If you’re looking to elope in Colorado, consider Boulder as the perfect ceremony site. From its peaceful green spaces to its natural backdrops, it offers lots of exciting locations for special moments. With so many scenic places to choose from, it’s no wonder why so many couples are choosing a Colorado elopement in and around Boulder! So if you’re dreaming of being surrounded by beautiful scenery and creating memories that will last a lifetime, consider a winter elopement in Boulder for your special day.

Getting married is a momentous and exciting occasion, and eloping in Boulder brings a special romantic charm to the beginning of your journey. Whether you are looking for some adventure or an intimate experience with just the two of you, an elopement photographer can help capture those special moments. Working with a boulder elopement photographer ensures that your wedding pictures will document the beauty of the location and reflect your unique style.

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To learn more about our elopement offerings, contact us here. It lights us up to capture you and your best friend’s story, and we specialize in elopements and intimate weddings in the Denver, Boulder, and Summit County areas. We’d love to hear more about your love story.