Our ideal evening includes a bowl of popcorn, red wine, and cuddling on the couch with some Red Velvet Oreos


We hope to adopt kiddos in about 5 years


We had an intimate, destination wedding in Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina


We now live in Franklin, Tennessee in a cozy apartment with an office space


One of our favorite types of music is EDM/Dance music… we could have a dance party, just the two of us for hours


We live in the South, but we would not really consider ourselves “Southerners”


Coffee is our addiction


We both have a background in music; Sarah sings and plays piano, and Robert plays upright bass


We love the mountains and anywhere with snow; we actually started dating after a ski trip with some friends


Our favorite restaurants (to name just a couple) are Chipotle & PF Changs

First, Meet Sarah

meet sarah and robert 

fun facts

Now, Meet Robert


So why am I a photographer? The first reason is people. I’ve always been curious about what makes a person tick, what their purpose is, who they love, why they are the way they are. Basically, I like stories. Now you may ask specifically, why am I a wedding photographer? Because I believe in the power of love. Love changes everything. Love can change a person. Love inspires. Love heals. Love is a verb and something we can’t quite always define. I seek to photograph people in a way that reflects who they truly are, and the power of love in their life. 

Getting to know my clients personally is one of my main goals, as wedding photography is such an intimate experience. Using an approach of film and digital photography to capture wedding days gives me the opportunity to create authentic, timeless, romantic images for you and your family to enjoy for a lifetime. My style is artistic, with a journalistic approach as well, as I love to capture your day from beginning to end: the details, the candids, and the formals.

Passionate       Loving       Determined


a few of my favorite things:

Snow Skiing

Anything to do with lists

Madewell & Athleta

Healthy Living

Deep conversations


Warm Socks


Long runs

Candles, especially from Anthropologie

Why we do what we do?


From loading film to talking with our clients, I have always enjoyed being Sarah’s right hand man. Being a vital part of the team capturing a wedding day gives me energy and excites me. I love to empower my wife and take the stress off of her and our clients so that those simple and beautiful candid moments can be artfully captured. With my analytical brain and pursuit of technical skills there is always something new to learn about photography. I thrive when managing the gear and reloading film. Specifically, the joy that film photography brings to our life and business inspires me. Working alongside my beautiful bride Sarah while we photograph your special moments is one of the many things that bring me joy through this art.

Calming       Analytic       Adventurous


a few of my favorite things:





Astronomy and the Universe

Roller Coasters



Yazoo Hefeweizen

Deep talks

The Mountains

our bucket list

Stay at the Kutcher Condo in Hawaii

Get Married

Ski together in the Colorado Mountains

Get a pug

Road Trip Out West

Learn To Sail

get a Goldendoodle