Meet the Team

Owner & lead photographer 


7 years ago, I made a leap and shot my first wedding in a cute little backyard on a warm summer night in East Nashville. I haven't looked back since. I'll never forget the first kind couples who took a chance on me; that trust and my belief that every person has a story that matters has propelled me to consistently look through my lens with humility, honesty, and belief in something good.

I use an approach of film and digital photography to capture wedding days; I believe film, what I originally learned photography on at 16, gives me the opportunity to create in-the-moment images that capture emotion so well, creating stopped memories that you'll be able to look back on years from now and ~feel~ your love story all over again. After 7 years in business and 90 weddings photographed, each wedding I photograph is uniquely different and that's just one of the aspects I love about what I get the honor of calling my job.

I hope I get the honor of documenting your one-of-a-kind love story. 

Passionate  +  LovinG  +  Determined


snow skiing in the winter

SUP'ing in the summer

epicly beautiful music, no matter the genre

black coffee and a good novel

deep conversations with people I love

exploring cute restaurants + unique spots

warm socks & chunky sweaters

popcorn, always

film cameras + seeing fresh film scans

scrapbooking + a good italian red wine

a few of my favorite things:


Loading Sarah's film, telling jokes, running around supporting the team, and shooting highlight films are just a few of my favorite things. Sarah taught me everything I know about photography, and it was a few years ago that I stretched my desire to create and started exploring videography as a creative outlet. There are so many gloriously intricate elements of using technology to create art that I have grown to love learning in countless ways. From vision planning for the weekend of fun, to following inspiration on the day of shooting, to re-working the plan on the back end edits for greater expression and authenticity. All of these are important to me through this process and it's an honor to capture our friends and clients in these ways. 

Calming  +  Analytical  +  Adventurous


a few of my favorite things:

the mountains

chipotle & PF Changs

cuddling with Sarah & Pancake

astronomy & the universe

roller coasters

Yazoo Hefeweizen

sailing & swimming 

hiking solo in the Great Outdoors

coffee - I used to be a barista

mint chocolate chip ice cream


Our ideal evening includes a bowl of popcorn, red wine, and cuddling on the couch with our lil pug, Pancake.


Our pug, Pancake, loves cuddling, eating apples, and playing hide and seek with our socks.


We hope to adopt kiddos soon, something that's been on our hearts for awhile.


We had an intimate, destination wedding with our people in Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina.


Our home is now Denver, Colorado and we couldn't be more grateful.


We've been married for 5 years and thankful for every single day together.


Coffee is our jam. 


We both have a background in music; Sarah sings and plays piano, and Robert plays upright bass.


We love the mountains and anywhere with snow; we actually started dating after a ski trip with some friends.


We are big homebodies with a love for adventure and beautiful people and their stories.

this is us