Our Move to Colorful Colorado | Denver, Vail, Aspen Photographer + Videographer Team

The Month Before | Kentucky + Tennessee

One last (drivable) trip to Barkley Lake, and Robert caught a yummy catfish!

Going away party with Robert’s side of the family, all taken with a Fujifilm disposable camera leftover from our wedding reception. 😉

Our new Reto3D film camera snaps 3 side by side photos that we can turn into GIFs. All of our belongings fit into one big POD and both of our cars thanks to the best Nashville moving crew, Iron Wolf Movers.

Pancake was a huge help in the moving process, loaded every box he could, which was a whopping… zero.

Going away party with our best Nashville crew!


Day 1 | Nashville > Memphis > Little Rock > Tulsa

Day 1 fueled by Chick-fil-A, our first stop, just minutes after we left… already running behind. If you know us, you know this is typical.

My lil buddy and co-pilot, keeping me company all 3 days. His snores = my background music.

Drove through Memphis to at least see the iconic Lorraine Motel, where MLK Jr. was assassinated. Quick trip so we’ll have to go back and visit the museum!

The best and CUTEST taco place in Little Rock! Everyone loved Pancake too!

Day 2 | Tulsa > Amarillo > Sante Fe

Honestly, Texas was boring… at least to drive through, BUT this rest stop was the coolest rest stop ever.

I mean look at this backdrop!!!

“Trading Post” we stopped at somewhere in Texas! The windiest stop and there were buffalo!

Walkie talkies were the real MVP. Highly recommend when caravanning on a road trip. There were multiple moments where we had no service and could walkie or when we were bored or exhausted and needed a chat!

The most beautiful drive on our way into Sante Fe, with maybe 5 cars we passed along the highway. This photo doesn’t even do it justice, but we both agreed this was the most majestic sunset and our favorite part of the drive!

We all fell asleep HARD, including Pancake at the beautiful St. Francis hotel!


Day 3 | Sante Fe > Taos > Colorado Springs > Denver

Definitely Sarah’s favorite part of the trip was this beautiful, New Mexico hotel, the St. Francis Hotel.

We will definitely be going back to Sante Fe!

Wind-blown, tired, and happy!

Pancake’s face said it all.

We Made It!!!

Our final tips:

– Take the drive slow, and enjoy the journey. There is so much beauty to see that we didn’t even know existed!

– Bring healthy snacks from home and keep a cooler in the car! This saved on gas station trips, and helped us to eat a bit healthier and whenever we wanted.

– Pick your hotel wisely. Sleep is essential, and our hotel in Sante Fe was 5x more relaxing than our Tulsa hotel.

– Pull over and take more photos along the way, always. 😉