A Mama-To-Be’s Perspective on Being Pregnant During Covid-19 + Her Maternity Session Right Before the Pandemic

My sister and a couple of my close friends are expecting a little one very soon, so families who are expecting have been heavy on my heart during this time. I asked Morgan if she had any encouraging words or tips for those of you who are going through this. Here’s what Morgan had to say:

“As a soon-to-be first time mama, I admit this global pandemic has taken a time that comes with a rollercoaster of emotions and propelled it to the next level. One tip I have for pregnant women facing self-isolation, quarantine and uncertainty is to feel all the feelings. It was very therapeutic for me to cry (and cry) about the loss of some of the “dreams” I had for this season, which included all of my best friends flying into town for my baby shower. It’s grief. We are all experiencing it in different ways and it’s okay to grapple with how much this hurts. Expectations for an impending season with a new baby are quite simply being met with a new reality. Be okay with not being okay. And share your hurts with trusted loved ones. Then, dry your tears and create community virtually. I’ve spoken with so many friends who, quite frankly, would have never shared in this season of pregnancy with me pre-COVID because we had lost touch. I’ve heard from my friends growing up, to high school, to college and they are all now celebrating in this season with me as we talk weekly over zoom or the phone. It has been a blessing to reconnect in that way and share my pregnancy journey and hear about theirs.

When it came to my baby shower, the five hosts banded together and held it over Zoom and over 50 people showed up. We had quite a few RSVPs pre-COVID for the shower, but this number of people was staggering, including friends and family who would never have made it to Nashville, even before the virus began spreading. We played digital games and people had mailed gifts for me to open on camera. It was such a fun time, lasting over 2 hours. And we plan to do a sip-and-see with the baby later in the year, so the in person gathering is not completely cancelled, simply adjusted. I like to think that my baby is going to have a shower that no one will ever forget and a pregnancy story that is as memorable as he/she will be.”



Morgan was envisioning some in home black and white maternity photos, so I played with some different light to capture some in home moments of her and David. I love the timeless and nostalgic element of a black and white photo.


We photographed Morgan, David, and little baby Mitchell on March 1st, one of our last shoots before the shutdowns began. So thankful to have had these two in front of my camera in March. I photographed Morgan and David’s wedding back in 2016 (cannot believe it’s been 4 years!!!). It was beautiful being able to document them as they are expecting Baby Mitchell now.

PS I know that many of you won’t be able to have your maternity or family photos taken as you had planned and I feel for you. I have something fun and different in the works if that’s you, so stay tuned!