Boulder & Winter Park, Colorado Travel

80 degrees the first day. Blizzard warning the next. We were lucky enough to see both while in Colorado. We stayed at the coziest Airbnb the first few nights in Longmont, Colorado and ventured into the snowstorm when we skied a few days at Winter Park. Our last two days we stayed at Basecamp Boulder, the cutest revamped hotel near Pearl Street in downtown Boulder.

All of these images were shot on my Canon A-1 film camera, the camera I’ll shoot personal work on until it gives out on me. Notice the light leak on the photo of our Airbnb. Robert accidentally opened the film too early when unloading it (we’re not as used to this camera as the Contax now) but we were able to (thankfully) salvage most of the photos by rewinding it in the dark bathroom and finding a lightproof coffee bag in our hotel room to send the film roll off to The Find Lab in. We’ll laugh about that for a while.

Colorado, we’ll see you soon.